Friday, February 8, 2013

THE PINK AMARYLLIS and how it brightens our winter's day................

A photo taken about two weeks ago of beautiful pink Amaryllis, a gift to James and I from  our friends Debbie and Robbie on New Year's Eve. It has been on view in our kitchen, where we watch it's progress daily as it unfolds to reveal it's blossoms.
 The color of the flowers and the green of the stems are vibrant. 

Now it's February, the same Amaryllis yet with a new bud continues to brighten our  home as the snow of winter begins to accumulate .

Paperwhites......... I try to keep some of these beauties flowering in our sunroom until it is time for tulips and pansies to take their place.

Today brings snow, but I will dream of spring and the flowers it brings.....and of course, continue to dream of Italy.
 As darkness begins to set in James will light the fire that is ready in the fireplace. This evening we will dine on a  warm short rib ragu over creamy polenta with a salad and a glass of wine. The music might be Bach or Vivaldi or perhaps Miles Davis or Sinatra, who knows? The romantic side of winter.

That is our way to get through the long cold  and stormy days and nights
 of a New England winter !
James tells me, " we must embrace winter."

I say, "time to get out the boots and shovels and hope that we do not loose our power...

and always enjoy the beautiful. "

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Roman Flowers......a movable garden James and I are not in Rome right at the moment, but we can dream can't we?
It is just about at this time of year, February, with a huge storm about to drop about 2 feet of snow on us here in New England, that we think about Spring in Italy. 

 In April and May, red poppies color the fields that line roadsides of Umbria and the scent of Broom and Chestnut blossoms fills the air.  In Rome, bright Bougainvillea  and sweet smelling Wisteria surround doorways, nearly hiding them at times.

On an April morning in Rome this 'moveable garden' stopped outside a door on the quiet Via Margutta to make a delivery. A lovely moment and now a good memory.....and since I doubt that I will see an open air flower laden utility truck on our dirt road any time soon,
 I am delighted to see the flowers  of Amaryllis and Paperwhites that are blooming, or getting prepared to bloom, in our warm New England home as we wait for an Old Fashioned Blizzard..............