Friday, April 5, 2013

A New View

We suddenly find ourselves looking out to a new view. Life, as it can, swept us up and we landed in a new place and although we feel as if this could be Tuscany or Umbria we are still in New England, not terribly far from where we were before, but strangely it feels world's away.

As we continue to unpack boxes and reorganize our daily lives we also take time to watch spring slowly, and I do mean slowly, arrive here. We are curious to what will be emerging from the ground as the snow melts. We know there are boxwood, a buddleia, daffodils and a few roses in the walled garden. But, what else lies beneath the snow cover?

At each  of the four corners of the house is an oak tree, and there is also a majestic Copper Beech on the grounds. James and I were completely delighted to see it here on the grounds and  cannot wait to see it fully in leaf in the coming months. 

One of the four oaks framed by a window.....good planning by someone about 60 years ago!

 The evening sky still blue as the sun sets across the field as dusk envelopes our new view. Our old house had a wonderful view across the garden and fields to distant mountains, which we loved. Now, I will tell you,we are growing very fond of this view through these  stunning Italian windows.
A bottle of Brunello  di Montalcino, a gift, was opened to drink to life, the new house, the sunset and the rising moon.

March is the month of the Full Worm Moon. On one of our first nights here it came up over the trees like an enormous lantern 
 creating magical light. It not only lit up the night sky but it's brilliant light brought a glow that lit up the snowy field.
This is a romantic place.

We could have not wished for a warmer greeting to our new house and our new view.