Thursday, February 11, 2010

The epic snow storm that has blasted the east, did not reach this far north. A few weeks back I took this photo in the early morning, after an overnight snowfall. We are so used to receiving "the Jackpot" when it comes to snow fall amounts, that it is hard to believe this storm stayed to our south. The new snow is just enough to blanket the garden and add a fresh glow to the landscape.
So, now it really time to get back to those seed catalogs that have dozens of pages marked with must have items. I can't resist poppies. Poppy 'Lauren's Grape' and 'Peony Purple' and 'Papaver Pinetree Mix' are at the top of a long list. We always grow nasturtiums, this season will include a Tall Climbing Single Mix. On a visit to the Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum, in Boston, we saw these cascading from the balconies in the inner courtyard garden, it was breathtaking. Our task is to come up with a creative way to use these, we unfortunately, do not have a palazzo with a balcony!
Cosmos this year will be,'Carpet Cosmos',and 'Rubenza', 'Double Click BonBon', along with the old standards. Morning Glory,'Caprice' looks promising, and how about a selection of sunflowers for good measure and late color.
Zinnias are great for cutting, so we will order such varieties as, 'Candy Cane', 'Giant Lime', Dahlia Flower Mix, several colors of 'Benary's Giant', and 'Zahara Starlight'. Here we are, already to 'Z', we have chosen 30 varieties of annual seeds. we will leave the vegetables , herbs and perennials until another day.
Time to head to the kitchen to make pizza.

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