Monday, June 7, 2010


William Baffin Rose (Canadian Explorer)

June 1-June 7, 2010
This has been a great year for roses, but they are 2-3 weeks early in their blooming.
In our garden the roses are generally in full bloom sometime around the third week in June.

John Davis Rose (Canadian Explorer)

Our rose garden is full of color and fragrance. The rose plants are festooned with blossom and buds. Along with the roses there are dianthus, foxglove, and cranesbill geraniums, all flowering.

Heritage Rose (David Austin)

Heritage rose has a flower of a soft pink with deep green foliage. We have it planted next to an arbor where clematis 'Jackmanii' grows. We are waiting for the clematis to flower.

Helen Elizabeth Poppies ( oriental poppy)
The roses flowered before the poppies this year, very unusual in our NH garden.
The bearded iris, Siberian irises and salvia have also joined in to this early show of flowers. We have also had daylilies flower already!

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