Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Destination: Kennebunkport, Maine
Recently we had to be in Kennebunk, Maine for business and it was necessary to spend the night. Oh my, how unfortunate to be on the cool Maine coast during this steamy July!!!
Late in the afternoon we made our way to the beautiful Cape Arundel Inn.
This arbor leads into the small seaside garden.

The adirondack chairs are a welcomed focal point as well as quiet sitting place after a long day.

The garden is lush. The texture and color of the pine with it's cones becomes a perfect companion to the orange daylilies.

The seaside loves blue hydrangeas and the placement of this lace cap variety with the fern is lovely.

The front porch is that of a classic shingle style cottage with wicker chairs, flags and flowers. Can you imagine a better place to sip a drink on a July evening before dinner? This is true romance, might I say even a bit old fashioned in it's charm. This place is a favorite destination of ours on the Maine coast.

As you can see, this truly is right on the coast! The fog was rolling in and out all day creating a very atmospheric landscape and refreshing air.
Our dinner reservation was at 7:30 in the Cape Arundel Inn dining room. The ocean views from the dining room are spectacular. We had a meal that began with a cold seafood plate, cooked and chilled perfectly. Our entrees, one of rack of lamb, the other beef with seared scallops were eaten with pleasure. Dessert was a classic creme brulee. An Italian wine from Berardenga topped off the fabulous evening.

From our room we could watch the tides change and the schooners sail by .
A business trip, yes, but what a way to spend the late afternoon and evening.
The ocean, a classic inn, a garden, a porch and fine dining all wrapped into a night over in Maine.

Other places to eat/dine in the Kennebunkport area:
White Barn Inn (fine dining)
Grissini (pizza & pasta)
Cape Porpoise Kitchen (cafe and take out, great for a picnic)
The Wayfarer (Cape Porpoise/breakfast)

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