Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Destination Portsmouth,NH: WATERFRONT..... a new perspective, a look from the water, and a stop for lunch!

We board the boat at Prescott Park, a lovely park on Portsmouth's waterfront.

Our Captain for the day

All on board with sun block, hats, fishing poles, food, drink,( including lots of water), sweaters, shorts and a camera. One would think we were headed out for a 3 day cruise!

The historic Wentworth Coolidge Mansion is on Little Harbor. The 40 room mansion was the home of Benning Wentworth, New Hampshire's 1st Royal Governor. The mansion dates to the 1700's and is a fine example of a colonial home.
The first lilacs imported to New Hampshire were imported in 1750 by Royal Governor Wentworth, from England., and planted at this site. The lilac is now the state flower of NH.
There is a lilac festival held at the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion every May.

A lighthouse off New Castle

Fort Constitution, New Castle, NH

Fort Constitution sits on the edge of the Pisquatua River, the remains of one of 7 forts built to protect Portsmouth Harbor. Originally Fort William and Mary, an earthworks fort dating to 1632, it was renamed Fort Constitution in 1791.

The First Mate

Tugboat Alley
The famous tugboats of Portsmouth Harbor, a real working harbor.

Time for lunch!
There is something about salt air that seems to make everyone hungry!
Our Captain and First Mate suggest Heberts in Kittery (Badger's Island). There we can dock up and get our lunch to go or dine at their picnic tables.

We have all had terrific lobster rolls here in the past. Today we are all tempted by the fried fish sandwiches, clams and shrimp. Hey, we can't always eat fresh zucchini and poached chicken breasts! The lightly battered shrimp was fried perfectly and good size ( not those tiny shrimp that are barely detectable under heavy coating). The clams were whole and tender......YUM!

Back to the boat, we head over to Great Bay for some fishing, then slowly make our way back to the dock at Prescott Park.

Without any freshly caught fish we will have to make alternative plans for dinner!
A lobster boat is in sight! Hummmmmmm.

Wentworth Coolidge Mansion, Little Harbor Rd, Portsmouth
Mansion guided tours: 603-436-6607
Art Gallery
Lilac Festival in May

Fort Constitution , New Castle
Open to the public

Prescott Park, Portmouth
Concerts, and performances throughout the summer.
Gardens (open to the public)

Places to Eat By Land or Sea:(dock available)
Heberts, Badgers Island, Kittery, Me.
Recommended: Lobster rolls, fried clams, fried shrimp, fish chowder, cole slaw

Chauncy Creek Lobster Pier
Kittery Point Rd, Kittery Point, ME
(207) 439- 1030
Recommended: Steamed Lobsters, Clams, Mussels and chowders

Hotel with a dock:
Wentworth By the Sea, New Castle NH

Places to dine in downtown Portsmouth if you do not catch any fish!
Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe
150 Congress St.,Portsmouth

Tugboat Cruises:
Tugboat Alley, 47 Bow St., Portsmouth

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