Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The long-range weather forecast mentioned the possibility of a frost on Monday. Here are a few images of our garden late in September, with some lingering color. The tall graceful spires of cimicifuga dominate a corner of the garden.

Inspired by an Italian garden, this area is central to the overall plan. It looks about the same in September as it does in July, with the exception of the maples in the background turning to their orange autumn foliage.

Hygrangea'Blushing Bride'

The long-flowering violet clematis on the cobalt green painted trellis is a reminder of summer color in this garden.

The texture created by the layered leaves of the smoke bush, cotinus coggygria' Ancot' is welcomed all summer.

A few volunteers! This anemone is determined to stay in this garden!
I must say that at this time of year I am happy to see them.

Asters add great color. The New England Asters are just beginning to flower.
They are lovely for cutting and bringing in to the kitchen windowsill.

In the vegetable garden we still have tomatoes, chard, carrots kale, broccoli and herbs.
If we hear more of an upcoming frost on Monday,we will be harvesting the remaining tomatoes on Sunday!
(As I write, news of the frost....the first frost may not occur on Monday as expected !)

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Unknown said...

I have been having a great time perusing your posts this morning. Nice shot of the Italian Garden. You have a lot of lovely plants blooming in the garden now. Hopefully the frost will hold off for another week!