Thursday, December 16, 2010

A SUGAR-COATED DAY. The first snow of the winter brushed us overnight and left behind a magical winter landscape.

The Italian inspired garden looks as if it has had a powdered sugar sifted over it. Meanwhile, down the road tracks of a snowshoe hare were left behind in the fresh layer of snow.

The walkway to our front door with the lavender in flower sometime early last July.

The walkway this morning with a light blanket of snow.

Looking out the kitchen window I find , first one , then two and suddenly five robins dining on the tiny crabapples of the Sargent crabapple tree.
Our neighbor, naturalist Meade Cadot, tells James that see observed a Great Horned Owl on the roof of our house.
Is it an omen, or just a nature moment?

Meanwhile, inside the kitchen I am joined by friend, neighbor and author Sy Montgomery for our annual holiday cookie baking marathon.
This photo was carefully staged and taken only after all the flour, cocoa and sugars had been
successfully cleaned up!

The cookies!
Here is a small selection of the cookies we baked for this holiday season. Seems like we used walnuts and / or pecans in everything.

The 1924 Glenwood stove. This has the best oven for baking.....and warming the kitchen. The cookies are all boxed up.
Time for a cup of tea.


For information on books and tour schedule for Sy Montgomery go to:

For cookie recipes our thanks to:
Yankee Magazine, NH Home Magazine,
Thomas Keller (AdHoc), Martha Stewart ,and some old dog-eared file cards that came from my sister Sue for Swedish butter cookies.

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