Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Garden Chores Continue in Winter: Providing Cover for the Lavender before the snow.

A view down the 'peony/lavender walk' in early July.

Our front walk is lined with peonies that flower from Memorial Day through June.
Just as the peonies end their show the lavender begins to flower, first a blue mist, then full flower of a vivid blue-violet borders the walkway.

Every January the Christmas tree is deconstructed to provide a blanket type mulch for the lavender. This year with a pending snow storm, James was sure to cover the lavender prior to the expected foot of snow.

So, even in winter there is work to do in the garden. After the snow has fallen, the boxwood will have to be freed from the deep snow, and a fresh path made to the bird feeder.

In our northern garden we grow lavendula angustifolia, 'munstead' and 'hidcote'. So far we have had good success with these two varieties. Every spring I prune them back about one third.
These plants have been in the garden now for about seven years, some are getting rather woody. Last summer the blooms were beautiful and even today their fragrance lingers in our house from the bouquets I gathered.

On a snowy day like this it is good to think about peonies and lavender. A few days ago, we brought in fresh thyme from the garden for our Sunday roast chicken.
The rosemary from the garden is now in our sun room. Tonight's dinner will include roasted potatoes with rosemary.
The herbs really do extend the gardening season right into winter.

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