Monday, March 14, 2011

From Our Sketchbooks

The sketchbook is a journal, a diary that transports you to a moment in time. It recalls a visual statement that has been put on to a sheet of paper.

James was struck by the quiet of this garden in a busy city (Rome). The way this garden structure framed the distant building nestled into greenery was or interest to him. So, this simple line drawing captured that moment.

Both James and I both keep sketchbooks and pencils at hand.
The study of 'Helen Elizabeth' poppies came from my garden sketches. It may remain simply as a sketch but I am considering incorporating the image into a painting sometime in the future.

I did this very quick sketch of peonies at the flower market in the Campo de Fiori in Rome. The market is a fascinating place, with endless subject matter. Flowers, fruits, vegetables... all devine!
It is remarkable what you really observe about a place, person, an object, landscape, garden or architecture when you draw it.

What is it that captures a person's interest about a place, object, etc., enough to record it in a sketchbook?
For James & I drawing is essential. Observing, recording , note taking & interpreting on paper and canvas is part of daily life here in our studios as well as when we are away from our studios.
Drawing is thinking. It is like meditation, it seems to slow life done for a time.

Carry a sketchbook, you never know what you might see.

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