Monday, May 16, 2011

The Over-the-Top Colors of May

Look at the color of this old crabapple tree!

After a long NewEngland winter of white and shades of gray it is such a thrill to see this old crab apple turn to a jewel .
Standing beneath it one is illuminated in crimson, bathed in that glowing crimson.

Trying to mix this color from tubes of paint is just not to be, almost but not quite there.
Nature is good at reminding us that we are mere mortals!
How over- the- top the color of these blossoms are. What joy they offer us!

Once I can leave the lovely old crabapple I walk to the lilac hedge where beauty and fragrance draws me in for a closer look. Lilacs are a favorite here in our garden, this one is President Lincoln. This lilac hedge was planted nine years ago and is quite mature now. This is one of the first to flower each year, with the other following close behind. The lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire, so it is a must-have in our garden. I adore lilacs.

My four favorite fragrances in the garden start with lilac followed by lavender, Apothecary rose and Old Maiden's Blush rose. It is just impossible to walk past any of those flowers without being captured by their fragrance. All, of course, make it into the house to perfume the rooms .

These Rembrandt tulips light up the back garden. They also are cut to become subjects of paintings, or fill vases that bring color into our table.
Tulips punctuate our gardens,there are always Rembrandt tulips, Parrots, Fringed ,and the tall elegant French tulips.
Savour these now for they are all fleeting, but as days pass the late tulips, nepeta, viburnum opulus and an early peony are to be looked forward to as their blooms unfold to delight us!

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