Thursday, June 23, 2011


Five Pears
James Aponovich, oil on canvas, 2011

This is the summer of theme shows. James and I currently have have paintings included in an exhibition
From the Garden to the Kitchen
at the George Marshall Store Gallery in York Village, Maine.

Chili Peppers
Elizabeth Johansson, oil on canvas, 2011

Mary Harding, gallery director states,
" The theme of From the Garden to the Kitchen speaks to the landscape, the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, the inspiration of cooks and chefs and the gathering of friends to enjoy the bounty."

As artists, we found working on paintings for this exhibition of particular interest because it brought together our interests in gardening and cooking. When James completed the painting Five Pears, the perfectly ripe pears became a luxurious dessert of
poached pears with a creme anglaise!

This exhibition includes the work of thirty artists. James and I each have two paintings included in the show.
The gallery is housed in a charming historic building on the York River and is part of the Museums of Old York.
This is Part I of a two-part exhibition . Part I, June 4- July 10, 2011

We hope you have an opportunity to visit the gallery!

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