Thursday, July 28, 2011


We were invited to join a group of friends to visit their favorite place on the Maine Coast. This place just happens to be an island and they just happen to have a boat. So our adventure begins in Northeast Harbor as we climb aboard and set off with a picnic basket full of food. The journey across the bay, past the Cranberry Islands is stunning with the mountains of Mount Desert Island spanning the view towards land. This must be what Champlain first saw as he approached from the sea in 1604.

Bear Island Light

The Bear Island Light is quite a sight from the water. It brings to mind the painting Bear Island, Northeast Harbor, 1855, by Fitz Henry Lane. In Lane's painting the lighthouse stands on cleared cliff top, without trees, a change from how it is seen today.

The marker (seen below) was painted by Frederic Church 1851. This is how it looks today.
It is quite amazing almost startling to see places that were painted by the likes of Church, Fitz Henry Lane, John Kensett, John Marin and Marsden Hartley, here along Maine's coast. It all feels so familiar and is an artist's paradise.

Frederic E. Church
Beacon off Mount Desert Island, 1851

Passing the red gong buoy we continue to our island destination. Our experienced Captain and First Mate making way across the bay.
The island approaches and we head for a mooring.
See you on the island. We hear it is magical.

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