Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January Morning New Hampshire...First in the Nation Primary....

Morning light from our window.

A January morning in New Hampshire marked by the fact that there isn't any snow on the ground yet and that today is Primary Day. New Hampshire takes great pride in hosting the first in the nation primary.

The sunrise this morning over our field to the mountains beyond was soft and radiant. Here between me an the distant mountains is our garden still in darkness where morning has not yet reached.

The sun is still low casting long shadows. James and I decided to take a walk into town, our town Hancock, New Hampshire, for a cup of coffee and a New York Times. This field, which in the summer is full of Dorset and Shropshire sheep, laid quiet and sun drenched as we walked past.
Hard to image this as January in the glow of this morning sun. The smell of the earth , dirt, grass and dried leaves, is in the air. Did I mention that is no snow on the ground?

The center of town is held by The Hancock Inn, a lovely old New England Inn. In the mood for a country weekend, this would be a perfect place to stay. For us locals, we go to it's tavern for a chicken pot pie or James' favorite trio; Caesar Salad, Cheeseburger and Martini!
The Hancock Inn has been in continuous operation since 1789 providing hungry travelers with food and weary travelers with rooms.

Our walk follows the sun and continues down Main Street. All of the buildings on Main Street are listed on the national Register of Historic Places so a walk here takes one back to the 18th Century.
The far end of Main Street is still mostly in shadow . Here morning arrives with light on the chimneys of the houses and the steeple of the Meeting House. In the steeple of the meeting house there is a Paul Revere bell that stills rings on the hour.

Hancock Meeting House, Vestry and Post Office now in full light after our
morning coffee at Fiddleheads Cafe back at the center of town.
The polls will be open soon and we understand that there will be snow on Thursday.
Time to walk home and return to our studios.

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