Saturday, May 5, 2012

da Masolino

James is contemplating the menu that hangs outside the door at
Masolino's Ristorante. I think that he is trying to convince himself to order something other than Bruna's famous Fararona, the guinea hen that Masolino's is known for. He also loves the sassolino, which is a small gnocchi.
I can't help myself, I always order pasta here. At times I also have a secondo, a second course, yet sometimes after the pasta I just have salad or a contorno, a side dish. My problem, is I always want to order everything on the menu.

The Belfico family are the family behind this restaurant for 59 years. There are always smiles and delicious food and wine to be found here in this traditional cucinacasareccia (home cooking) Umbrian restaurant. This is a warm, friendly and inviting place. Whenever we first arrive in Panicale, we cannot wait to drop in on them to say, "Ciao Andrea, Ciao Stefania, Ciao Bruna...Sonia...Luisa, Ciao tutti.", and of course, to see how everyone is.

If the weather is warm we like to sit on the balcony, but the interior has warm and lovely glow. So what is on the stove tonight?

It's fava bean season, so the special tonight is Tagliatelle with fava beans, pecorino and pancetta, of course,we both order this. Heavenly!
This combination of flavors and textures is simply wonderful. The fresh and tender earthy beans with local pecorino paired with the slightly smoky flavor of Umbrian pancetta all tossed together with perfectly cooked handmade pasta, is a dining must this time of year.
Tonight we each order a second course, James a grilled filet of beef with lardo and truffles.
For me, beef as well, tagliatta with arugula and parmesan.
The wine Andrea selected for us was a Montefalco Rosso.
We will dream of this in the months to come.

Stefania makes an incredible tiramisu. The dessert I ordered was brought over, kindly, with two spoons. As soon as James saw the tiramisu and recalled just how good it is, he ordered his own. Whew! I thought for a moment I was going to have to share this with him.
After we finished our desserts, Andrea sent over 2 glasses of Vin Santo.
Drinking Vin Santo after a perfect meal while sitting on the balcony of Masolino's with a soft warm breeze and the sun setting..........
Does it get any better than this?

On the balcony at Masolino's we enjoy the sun setting over Umbria.
Buona notte tutti.

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charlotte said...

I love to hear of your adventures. Thank you for posting so much, so often about your journey. I think of you often.

Charlotte Thibault