Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Festa di Lavora

Today is Festa di Lavora in Italy.........May Day.
A day to celebrate the worker.

Umbria is often called the "green heart of Italy". Here we are surrounded by agriculture. The fields are covered in crops of grains and lentils, the hillsides are terraced with olive trees and grape vines. It is all so beautiful, and all so much work for the farmers.
So, today is a day we can celebrate all their labor and achievement.

The first time we were in Panicale it was quite a surprise to see all the tractors driving through the Porta Perugina and into the piazza. Rain was predicted for today but the sun came out to shine on everyone.

Our best wishes to all the workers of the world.

Buon Festa di Lavora.
Happy May Day.

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