Friday, June 14, 2013

The Sun Makes An Appearance !

Saturated, drenched, soaked, completely soggy would define the past several days here in New Hampshire. Peony flowers bent with the weight of their water filled petals too heavy to hold proud.
Tree limbs lower, begonias look very unhappy, and the agapanthus is begging to bloom. 

LOOK! look there out the window, the window that has been shut tight for days.
The sun has last. Flowers are perking up, dappled sunlight enlivens the garden.
Birds are chirping and there is a butterfly fluttering over the dianthus.

A tree peony. One of the wonderful surprises of this new garden.

Maybe now the agapanthus will have it's opportunity to show off.

This moss covered corner with the dappled sun is one of my favorite spots in this walled garden. 
The clematis is flowering and the birds are singing all giving a sense of well being in this place.

White clematis brightens this quiet corner.

A garden must have a place to sit.
 Now that the rain has stopped and the day is taking a turn for the better  these chairs will serve us well. Seeing that it is Friday night,  James and I will bring our cocktails out here to sit and enjoy the garden, at least until the mosquitos send us in!

A white iris basking in the sun. Sadly, several iris were knocked to the ground by the rain. We will stake them up or cut them and bring them in for a vase. This one is a beauty with the sun setting it aglow.

A snow storm in June?

James brought me out to see all these white petals coving the ground, like a snow fall.
Could it be, no, the rain was certainly enough weather.
Another surprise here at our new house and garden is this monumental tree
. What is it?
We could not identify it until we saw the flower, this white flower with the petals that created a 'snow storm in June'.

The mystery tree is an American Yellow Wood.
This is a grand tree. The flowers remind me of wisteria.

The garden continues to surprise us. 
We continue to add new things, slowly, slowly.
"Piano, piano"
Slowly, slowly as it is said in Italian!


Artist said...

Glad the sun has finally come out to play! Your new garden looks fantastic. Can't wait to see more, as it becomes fall!
Hope to see you both in Panicale!

Paula Hunter said...

We just saw a Yellow Wood in full bloom in Walpole... what a heavenly tree! You are so fortunate to have one. First year must be full of surprises.

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Yes, we are very fortunate someone thought to plant some great trees some 60 years ago.