Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nectar of the Late Summer Harvest

The nectar of which I speak is that of nectarines, the taste is the essence of summer.

James and I invited friends over for a harvest moon dinner. James spotted great looking beef short ribs in our market and that began the menu. The short ribs were braised in wine and served with a horseradish cream sauce on the side.  Puree of parsnips along with roasted asparagus rounded out the entree course that we were making.
Judith and Robert arrived with bounty adding an assortment of fine cheese to have with drinks as we chatted before dinner.
She also provided her famous tomato, avocado salad as well as a dessert of fresh ripe nectarines. Perfect.

The full harvest moon rose over the tree tops just as we sat down to eat.

Happily James and I were left with the remaining nectarines. The next morning they were put into a saute pan ( cubed with skin left on) and slowly cooked down.

As they cooked down some sugar was added. In this case there were the equivalent of 3-4 nectarines, which about a quarter cup of sugar was added and a squeeze of lemon juice.
Leaving the skins on the fruit makes for the beautiful color of the sauce.
Strain through a mesh strainer , discard skins and cool.

There are countless ways to use this  sauce. In a parfait glass add slices of nectarines or other stone fruit and maybe some berries, layer with mascarpone cream and drizzle with sauce. Pair the sauce with vanilla ice cream and the result is peaches and cream.

Before the nectarines disappear for the season you must try this.
It is true nectar of the gods.

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