Monday, March 30, 2015


After months of relentless snow and below average temperatures in New England  it is a feast for the eyes to see the green of spring in the Umbria countryside. Farmers are at work tilling their fields for warm weather crops. The small hamlet of Missioni, where I took this photo, is part of the larger Commune di Panicale, that is  charming and picturesque.

Here, in the town of Panicale, the green grocer has baskets of fresh local artichokes, which we are enjoying to their fullest. Artichoke lasagna is on our menu this week using fresh pasta, and pecorino cheese, all local of course! 
Umbrians are tenacious foragers. This time of year the treasure they seek is asparagi di bosco, a wild asparagus. This very thin and flavorful asparagus is most often served with eggs (or pasta) and is a typical Umbrian dish that is completely divine.
Early spring is filled with clear greens on rolling hills, almond trees in bloom, wild tulips in the fields and trees on the verge of leafing out.
We have been warmly greeted with hugs and kisses to welcome us 'home'.

What can I say......"  Panicale un piccolo paese,
in bella Umbria!*


* Panicale a small town in beautiful Umbria!

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Kelly Mac said...

Hugs and kisses from Katia I'll bet. So lovely to see Panicale emerging from winter, into spring and then to summer when we will escape winter "Down Under" to summer in Panicale. Thank you for your blog.