Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ANDIAMO IN GIRO A PANICALE.............A Morning Walk

Morning walks usually entail going around the outside of the walls of Panicale.

The medieval town of Panicale is built high on a hill overlooking the Umbrian plain and Lago Trasimeno. So, as you can see, this walk is very scenic. 

The hill on this side of town is steep making for a strategic site in earlier days, Now , it is just  vantage point to view in the distance, Cortona to the north and Montepulciano to the west.

The land here is fertile due to the lake and crops of cereal ( wheat), fave, grapes etc. create a visual display of an array of greens, all looking soft. The distant lake is covered in mist while in the middle ground a farmer is burning, they are always burning.....something, most likely remains from pruning grapes or olives.

A look to the right and there is the balcony of Masolino's restaurant. Panicale is especially lovely this spring all dressed up in pots flowers....geraniums, petunias and begonias.

This is Piazza Marguerita just outside one of the two portals through the walls into town. I have read that there was once a drawbridge here that spanned a moat on this side of town. A moat! I am always amazed at these palm trees  growing in from of the Lace Museum.

Olive trees grow neatly all over the hill sides here in Umbria, they are part of the unique landscape that is so important to the economy and beauty of this place.

Along the road from Panicle to Missiano these roses are a good foreground for Panicle, whit's tall campanile not far in the distance. There are roses everywhere this time of year.....I am not kidding, this place is full of rose right now!

A lone rose but perfect!

The morning light is warm and brilliant on this day, as it often is. Can you imagine the sunsets from the town? Believe me, they are breathtaking, especially with a glass of Prosecco as the sun dips down behind the hills.

This is up by the church of Saint Sebastian where there is a fresco by Perugino.
A must visit every time we are here.
But now, I have met James, he has been out on his walk which is longer than mine . We always meet up somewhere along the route around the outside of the walls. 

But now, all we really want is to have cappuccino at Bar Gallo,  just inside the walls of Panicale.

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