Saturday, January 9, 2016


The world outside our windows this Saturday morning was one of sugar-coated trees and completely still. This is when winter in New Hampshire can be beautiful, especially when the snow is not deep enough to plow!

The landscape of gray and white dominates here broken by very little color in the winter. The remainder of a grass and greens of conifers do add interesting punctuations to this winter world. 

It was just cold enough in the early morning hours, with a mix of snow and misty rain to have the white stuff stick to the tree branches. Snow outlining the dark branches of this Stewardia. When this happens I cannot help but think of some of Mondrian's tree paintings... patterns in nature.

Green tarps also add color to the winter landscape in New Hampshire. And, talk about patterns, how about the design of our wood pile! Pretty nice! We hear that tomorrow there will be rain, a gully washer , but the temps will be mild. None the less, James brought in a boat load of wood to keep it dry, after all, the green tarp is merely a decorative element!

The house is warm, , the wood stove is on in the atrium, music is playing and orchids grow in the north west light of the dining room.

Clementine's are one of the great foods this time of year and about the only reason I look forward to winter! They are bright in flavor and a visual bang!

There have never been so many lemons on this tree, I counted 19. The lemons, well, it is hard to pick them! They are such great yellow ornaments on the tree! But, we have been using them for salad dressings, lemon chicken and soon a lemon curd.
Saturday morning is generally the day all the plants get watered when they are indoors for the cold months.

Always fresh flowers here, even when they are not from the garden.

When we are home on Saturday's in winter, the kitchen is a busy place. I made soup for lunch and James is dicing carrots and celery for a stock that will have a role in our dinner and also be part of another soup for the week.

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