Friday, April 15, 2016


Borromini's Sant 'Agata

 Our friend Paul  is a wine importer, so, he and Betty have been taking us along on their visits to vineyards.
We are getting an education in Italian wine along with that comes the tasting of quite a bit of wine. 
Not too hard to swallow!!

So, now it was our turn to lead the tour, so we went off to Rome. Our agenda included art, architecture and food. We left the selecting of wine to Paul.

Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain
with Borromini's church behind.

The Pantheon

We always make a visit to the Pantheon and to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva which is in the piazza just behind the Pantheon. There was a mass going on in the church so we were not able to see the Filippino Lippi fresco in the Carafa Chapel, disappointed, but there is always next time.

 The ceiling in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva


Art and artichokes go well together. For lunch James and I decided that Gigghetto would be a perfect place to blend some history with our fried artichokes ...alla guidia

After a great deal of walking  and a visit to San Carlo,  by Borromini and Sant Andrea, by Bernini , the last stop on the Bernini-Borromini tour, we began to think about dinner. We were staying at the Hotel Ponte Sisto which has a lovely palm filled courtyard, so it was a perfect place to enjoy a bottle of Frascati before calling a taxi to take us to dinner.

Our destination was Monti, to have dinner at Taverna dei fori Imperiali.
We love this family run place. Alessio, chef & owner  took charge and suggested our meal.
Artichokes stuffed with bacala and pecorino to start. Our primi was a remarkably good bowl of chestnut flour pasta with mushroom and sausage. For secondi, saltimbocca.
Sorry, but I forgot to take any photos, I just wanted to eat!

The next and last morning, after coffee, we went to be dazzled by the Baroque.

Sant' Ignazio

This is the Baroque as theatre. It is drama, with illusion, stage setting and all the participants in movement....a dance.

ciao Rome.....see you again soon.

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