Monday, August 1, 2016


Cooked, leftover spaghetti with olive oil, pancetta, cheese with the addition of cultivated asparagus

I always cook too much pasta, so, when James found a Marcella Hazan recipe for Frittata with Pasta I was absolved from my need to add too much pasta to the boiling water.

In Marcella Hazan's recipe for Frittata with Pasta she uses spaghetti because , as she explains, it bonds with the egg mixture. She also says the cooked pasta must be sauced first and recommends pasta tossed with butter and cheese.

When James
 and I are in Panicale we are often recipients of fresh eggs from  either the nonna of Katia or from Ruth. In the spring Umbrians forage for asparagi selvatico ( wild asparagus) and when we receive a bunch from Katia or Daniela & Aldo, it is like receiving a beautiful edible bouquet. Here in Umbria, eggs and asparagus are a natural combination.

We have experimented with a variety of leftover spaghetti dishes and I agree that the cheese and butter works well. We have also used spaghetti with tomato sauce or spaghetti all'Amatriciana.
All are good, but  our favorite is when we find a bowl of pasta in the refrigerator from the previous night's dinner that is a simple spaghetti with olive oil, pancetta& pecorino cheese ( maybe a few hot pepper flakes). And, also in the refrigerator from the previous day is leftover asparagus! We' ve hit the jackpot knowing that yesterday we bought fresh eggs from the Farmer's Market!

In a bowl beat the eggs (3-4) and salt & pepper, add the cooked spaghetti.  Turn on the broiler. In the meantime, heat a oven proof saute pan, add a tablespoon of butter , melt and add the egg/ pasta mixture when the butter is sizzling.
Cook for a minute or two without moving the pan and at this point add the asparagus (optional).
tip the pan gently allow the egg to cook around the edges. Cook for another few minutes and sneak a peek by lifting an edge to see if the bottom looks cooked.

Put pan under broiler until the top is beginning to brown.

Remove from broiler and slide frittata onto a plate. Cut into wedges and serve.

Frittata can be served hot, cold or at room temperature which make it not only a good lunch or light dinner , but it is terrific picnic food.

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