Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WHAT NOW.....?

 Yeah, last week was a tough week...in many ways, but one we have dried our tears ( we cannot cry forever) then, we must hang on to what we know and who we are. We look to those things in life we cherish. For James and me that includes a list of things, but we will begin by getting back into our studios, sitting down at our easels....
......Working and Creating.

James Aponovich
Sunflowers, Villa Aurelia, Rome (detail)
oil on canvas, 40" x 32"

Music, Classical, plays throughout the day and in each of our studios. Calming, most of the time.
A restorative daily walk helps the day begin, and since we are at easels  much of the day I think our legs thank us for the daily exercise, not to mention fresh air and a good dose of Vitamin-D....

Elizabeth Johansson Aponovich
Oriental Poppies ( in progress)
oil on canvas

Cooking is an ongoing event in our kitchen. Cold weather cooking is especially fun with braising, roasting, soup making, etc.  We have just finished devouring our crop of figs. James has a fabulous recipe for Caramelized Figs which I will share in an upcoming post. 
Tonight we are having a pasta forno with mezzi rigatoni , parmesan and a  garlicky tomato sauce with guanciale......
.......Warm and Comforting.

Cooking Spaghetti Carbonara in our kitchen

Our daughter, Ana, lives on the other side of the state so we see her as often as we can, and talk with her frequently. We like her, and of course, love her, lots!...
....Loving & Caring

Sadly, the past week she has not been feeling well, so today we are worried, which is another  element of caring and family.

Portrait of Ana with Strawberries
James Aponovich
oil on panel

Tomorrow evening we have friends here for dinner. Having people you like around a dinner table is something that binds us all....
....Family, Friends, Conversation, Food, Wine and Laughter.

Although it is now November and the garden has more or less been tended to and put to bed for the winter planning for next season continues through the cold months of winter. There are always changes to be made, plants to move and new plants to be discovered. The garden is a place of quiet reflection...

In the living room with  a fire in the fireplace and  two Negroni's  is pretty nice. This is a Sunday ritual for James and me. Nothing like it......
.....Home with the person you love.

James has just painted Rome. As he  paints he finds he can loose himself in Rome's streets, monuments and churches. It is quite incredible, and I understand that especially right now it is a good place to escape to with a paintbrush....

James Aponovich
Sunflowers, Villa Aurelia, Rome (detail)
oil on canvas

When I cannot sleep I close my eyes and picture myself walking through the narrow streets of Panicale. Panicle is built on a hill and the streets and stairs take you up to the top of town to the campanile and the piazza Podesta. In my attempt to fall off to sleep I never quite make it all the way up there before I fall off to sleep.....

Lake Trasimeno from Panicale

We think of the beauty of Italy and our friends in Panicale. ....
...Dream of Italy.....Dream of Panicale.

Beyond just dreaming of Italy tis better to be in Italy! The pace of life slows. The beauty of the place is not comparable, you must be in it. The people are kind. Food is important and made with love. The art incredible....
....Life on Italian Time

In the garden (Panicale)with friends


OK. Let's get back to work now.

and some play.....

It is really the time to be.....
'Better Angels.'

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