Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Episode 4

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When we left Episode 3.......

......Daddy B.B. and Red Polka Dot Girl were enjoying a private, romantic dinner at
Ristorante Masolino in Panicale. 
Paul The Wine Guy told them to get a good night's sleep because they were off to explore Tuscany the next day!


The Medieval city of Siena is about an hour drive from Panicale. Paul The Wine Guy 
knows the way through Tuscany's Crete, rolling hills lush and green in the Spring, but barren and moonlike in the Fall. On the way, they pass a shepherd with his flock of sheep that will soon produce a wonderful Pecorino cheese.

When they arrive, Paul The Wine Guy parks the car and it's time for Betty Heartland to take pictures with a view of The Duomo and Baptistry, the exterior is black and white marble, the colors of Siena.

The first place Paul The Wine Guy brings everyone is to the Palazzo Pubblico ( City Hall), grand with it's bell tower. They are there to view Lorenzetti's 14th Century fresco,
Good and Bad Government.
Here they marvel ( and take pictures) of Good Government. All except for Yello-Hoodie Boy, he thinks it is just old and cracked. 
The painting is alive with a prospering city of tradespeople, schools, farmers bringing in crops, and even ladies dancing.
Hello-Hoodie Boy is behaving himself ( with a promise of gelato).

As they leave the Palazzo Pubblico and cross the Campo, Betty Heartland hears drumming and they soon find themselves  in a parade of drummers and flag throwers . The flags indicate that they are from the Contrada ( neighborhood) called 'The Heart', of course!

The excitement continues when they are invited back to the contrada for a communal dinner in the street. It's a block party! Red Polka Dot Girl is swept off her feet and is is having a blast dancing. That girl knows how to party! Betty Heartland is clapping and Daddy B.B. and Paul The Wine Guy are being served pasta.
But.... where's Yello-Hoodie Boy?

Stay tuned for Episode 5........

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