Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Episode 5

B.Buntline Production

When we last left The Heartfelts, everything was going smoothly.....

...A great day in Siena followed by a special invitation to to an outdoor Contrada dinner.
As everybody was beginning to eat, they noticed....
Where's Yello-Hoodie Boy?
Oh no! Not again!

Not to worry, Yello-Hoodie Boy has just met Gianni Contrada Kid. They both share a common language of strawberry gelato and Hight-Fives!. Palio the dog wants his gelato!

To get away from the grown ups they go to Gianni Contrada Kid's house to watch cartoons. Bugs Bunny! Soon Yello-Hoodie Boy can say "What's up Doc!" in Italian. The volume is so loud that they can't hear everyone calling out. ( Palio hears though)

All's well that ends well!

The boys finally pass out from too much T.V. and gelato. Gianni's Nonna found them and alerts The Heartfelts. What a relief! Palio finally gets his gelato, there's plenty on their faces to lick!

Well, it's time to call it night and return to Panicale. Paul The Wine Guy and Betty Heartland pull the car up. Hello-Hoodie Boy is asleep, or is he?
Anyway, tomorrow is a big day in Panicale. There's a Festa!

.......stay tuned......!

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