Monday, March 20, 2017



Today is the Vernal Equinox.  I know that in New England 
there is  deep snow and damage from high winds, resulting from a recent storm. Here in Panicale it is truly Spring, and as as we much
love our home in the States, we are very content to be here in our other home.

The lilac in the garden is leafing out and the flowers are getting ready to burst.
I planted a few pots of sunny orange and yellow pansies, a combination that I am particularly
fond of.
James and I make more than a few visits to the local nursery!

This enormous rosemary grows just outside the door. There is also sage that is in competition for the biggest herb here. The thyme, oregano, Roman mint and chives we planted last year returned, so we only needed to plant parsley, marjoram, and a different variety of sage. We are waiting on the basil until the nights warm up.

To balance all of the yellow and orange we needed some blue and purple.
Complimentary colors, it's just a natural for artists!

I filled several of the pots with geraniums since they will last into the heat of the Italian Sun.
The pots create a pretty edge along the yard.
There is an olive tree along with four fruit trees. There is an apricot, plum and an apple, the other is a mystery.

But, what I didn't show in the above photo.....

Our freshly washed laundry hanging out to dry ! Life is not all
cappuccino, wine and art here! This is a multi-use garden!

The sun rises on this side of Panicale making a good place for a cup of morning coffee, that is after a cappuccino at Bar Gallo. And, in the evening we occupy those chairs for glass of wine or apertivo before dinner.

A View Up Our Street

There is wisteria along the wall that will flower with a beautiful perfume later in the Spring, and in a short time the trees lining the Viale Margherita will be green with leaves.
Umbria is agricultural. The fields that surround Panicale are green, bright Emerald Green. The trees will soon catch up. The almond trees are flowering, soon the apples and other fruit trees will blossom. The wild red poppies won't be denied their time to be headliners in the coming weeks!

Spring in Umbria is a glorious show and we are happy  and fortunate
to be here once again to witness and enjoy it.

Welcome Spring!

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