Friday, July 7, 2017



Our garden in June is dominated by the flowers of peonies, oriental poppies and bearded irises, 
with a supporting cast lead by salvia, nepeta and lady's mantle.
Yet, with all these lovely flowers, we cannot forget how foliage carries  the
garden month after month.

The shaded end of the 'Walled Garden' remains fairly consistent from Spring
into the early Fall. The tall fern flutters in the breezes. The blues and greens of the hostas are
only enhanced when paired with a red heuchera. 

The morning sunlight exposes the texture in the leaves of a hosta,'Frances Williams', a constant
inhabitant in our garden.

 July begins on a quiet note......

'Peach Blossom' astilbe contribute a color contrast to the surrounding cool hued foliage, not to mention the fragrance it adds to the air as we stroll past.  This particular astilbe 
is an all time favorite plant of ours that has been transported to each garden we have planted.

It's crown of soft pale pink spires waft above it's fernlike leaves, here it can show off amongst the large foliage of the blue green hosta.

Can you smell their perfume?

The sheared boxwood has an underplanting of caramel color heuchera. once again 
it is all about contrast of leaf and color!

From shade to partial shade to full sun......

Continuing on into the sun, our July garden begins on a more subdued note, without the bombastic
peonies which I am crazy about, and the bearded irises that are so significant in June.
Both of these flowers have become models for James in his paintings.

Now, we wait for what's to come........ There are signs of changes about to happen.

The yellow yarrow punctuates the garden from June into July.
The Russian sage with it's purple flowers and grey green leaves will become more vibrant in the July garden as will the globe thistle , adding both texture and drama.

Dwarf Monarda

The colors of summer!

As the walk continues  towards the gate, we have full sun on our backs and dappled sun ahead. Here we find plants like, enkianthus, boxwood, foxglove, ornamental grass, astilbe and heucherella.

And.....the first daylillies!
July will be alive with daylillies.

Each year I think to myself that I should move these daylilies to a new location.
They don't really belong here. But, then before I can bring a shovel to them they begin to flower!
I will probably leave well enough alone, and now that they are in bloom I find I like them here at the gate.

We pass through the gate to a shade garden.
This is the first place we have lived that has enough shade to plant an honest to goodness shade garden, something James has always wanted to do.

The variety of greens and foliage dance around the urn. The shade garden
is a serene place. There is a bench here where we often sit, especially after a stretch of garden work.
Or, sometimes with a glass of wine before dinner.
Go ahead, take a seat and enjoy the tranquility it offers.


The vision for this central bed was to create 'mounds' of color and texture lined by a gravel walk.

Yet another path is much more naturalized and woodland like....
Sorry, no gnomes!

She is surrounded by her favorite plants and an occasional toad hopping through.

Making the most of foliage. With last summers drought we we concerned that
we might loose plants, but this spring was rainy and the plants have returned and are thriving.

The walk ends here with the stewardia just as they begin to flower.

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