Friday, July 21, 2017

Daylily Season......and more

Many of our day lilies started life here as models for one of James' paintings.
Some were here when we purchased the house.
We have divided them and moved them around the garden, finding places that needed a burst of color in late July.

James and I like the combination of the Globe Thistle's texture and blue color 
in contrast to the warm yellow of this Daylily right outside our back door.

Yet, it is not all Daylilies grabbing our attention. This Astible is tall and
glorious and its placement outside our window makes for easy viewing, even when on 
hot and humid days, like we have been experiencing, we prefer to stay inside!

Echinacea blooms along with Russian Sage, Poppies, Globe Thistle, and the long lasting Yarrow.
For leaf contrast we have planted a dark purple foliage Cimicifuga, Tall Phlox, with
 variegated leaves, a yellow grass,
 Sea Holly with it's silver leaves and thorny blooms, as well as the evergreens, 'DeGroots', arborvitae  and boxwood.


Daylily, 'Elizabeth  Salter' is one of our all time favorites and I cannot tell
you how many times she has ended up in a painting. We first found her in Maine where she held 
a spot at the head of our stone walk. When we moved back to New Hampshire 
this  special Daylily moved with us.
Sadly, our last move was in the winter when here in the New England  States the
ground was frozen.

A couple of years ago we went looking for a daylily for James to include
in a painting that he was working on. As we wandered around the Daylily farm we
noticed 'Elizabeth Salter' was on their  plant list.
So, once again, she adorns our garden border!

Daylilies dancing above Coreopis ,'Moonbeam' and  Cranesbill Geranium, 'Rozanne'.

An array of greens in the shady end of the border.
A cool spot for an early morning cup of coffee.

A lovely pair gazing into the porch window, along with my shovel 
that I left outside today.
I best go retrieve it!

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