Saturday, May 11, 2019

Lunch in Venice

James and I like to have a light lunch if we know we will be going to
dinner in the evening. We have found inVenice that cicchetti is a great way
to enjoy a local tradition as well as keeping to our light lunch pledge.
The green awning.... the signal that we have arrived at our destination, Enoteca 
Cantine del Vino 'Gia Schiavi, a well known bacari bar in the Dorsoduro neighborhood.

Cicchetti can be thought of as a Venetian version of tapas. Small bites
on bread or toothpicks which can be anything from  whipped baccala  ( salt cod)
or anchovy and a small
sweet onion, variations of tuna, to gorgonzola with pear and honey.
Here at 'Gia Schiavi', one might find sausage, cheeses or pesto &ricotta, all
that can be partnered with some crazy ingredient to make it an
extraordinary small bite!

There are many bacari bars throughout the neighborhoods.
All have different moods and atmospheres. At times we find we walk in to a bacari and are
the oldest people in there.....then, we slowly back out and find another
more to our liking. Most, however, cater to all and the cicchetti is
distinctly their own.

Once you have selected  the cicchetti, order a glass of wine.
Here at 'Gia Schiavi', being that it is an enoteca, there
are many wines to choose from. Since we were in the Veneto we  each had a
chilled Soave. Perfect for our selections of cicchetti.

Our plate included gambieri and soar ( shrimp and a special Venetian sauce), salmon with mascarpone, tuna
with cacao, anchovy and onion.....

After a morning at the Accademia then a walk around Dorsoduro, and lunch, it
was time for a short rest....but, there is always more to see in this
amazing city of stone and brick that seemingly floats on water.

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