Monday, May 25, 2020


Like most of us, I have been trying to come to terms with this plague 
that we are all suffering through. I try to do it with paint.

Painting In Progress


Siena Daylilies (in progress)
James Aponovich
oil on canvas, 30" x 28"

When I taught, I used to tell my students, "listen to your paintings,
they will tell you what they need." My students would squirm
uncomfortably and avoid any eye contact with me. They must have
thought that I was crazy. After I reflect on my lectures of the
glories of Bounty paper towels ( full sheet) they may have been right.

Siena Daylilies (in progress)
with sky ( blue)

Siena Daylilies ( in progress)
with sky ( white)

What I had 'wanted' was a sky that transitioned from an almost
white on the horizon to a deep blue. What I got was an 
uncomfortable feeling every time I looked at the 'pink / blue thing'.
So the blue had to go. Right now it is almost a monochromatic color
structure, a first for me. But, hey! What do I have to lose? If it works
let's just say that, 'I am a very good listener.'

( cloth detail)

Onto the cloth.....not so easy.

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