Tuesday, October 11, 2022

House On The Piazza


All the doors and windows were open this morning.  There was a flurry

of sounds ringing forth, scraping, clanging, hammering and voices

of the workers loudly staying above the din of those sounds.

The work on the house, our house has begun.

The house was just what we were looking for with it's terrace and small garden,
original beams and floors and it's location  right in town where
we can walk to stores and restaurants...not to mention the lovely
people here!

But, this pink bathroom  was dated and really had to go!

                                                               Goodbye .................
                                                                Preparing for the new.

Friends told us about a tile place in Perugia. James really dislikes driving in Perugia,
With all the roundabouts and visual clutter of signage. They took pity and offered to 
take us there to Biondi.  We were told to select tiles that were dispondibile , which
means available or in stock. They only had a few tiles in stock, but to my
delight they were all very nice as a matter of fact because we didn't have thousands tiles to
consider it made easy work of this. The tiles were exceptional and just what I had in mind.

Not only did we get tiles, we also bought a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

It turned in to a fun one stop shopping event with help from friends!

I loved this sink and mirror, so that will be coming home to us.

Meanwhile work continues , more scoping off of old wall tiles, plastering 

and creating more headroom so that James will not be bruising his forehead.

Tools of the trade.
I am amazed that they work out of these small buckets. It was mesmerizing to watch
this man plaster above the new door opening. These same buckets carry out debris to their truck.
This can't be much different from how plastering was done when this house was
first built , some time around 1400.

Out the door the balcony is over the beautiful piazza.

I can't wait to have herbs and flowers out there.

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