Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last Day of The Artist's Circle Exhibition; Here are some parting shots of the beautiful exhibition.

The Artist' Circle Exhibition is winding down . The exhibition ran from July 9-28 at the Sharon Art Center, Peterborough , NH. This show is an example of some of the finest work being created today, and it especially interesting that is happening at this moment in time right here in this small state of New Hampshire. Our thanks to all the artists . We will forever remember this exhibition in our minds and hearts.

A detail of a Gerry Williams piece. He is truly our "Living Treasure"

Coastal Oaks, pastel by Elizabeth Johansson

"Great show!" Often people stop us at Roy's Market to tell James and I how much they are enjoying the exhibit. They rave at the excellence of the work and the talent and creativity of this group of artists. I kept a list of some of the words I have heard used to describe this show; breathtaking, inspiring, craftsmanship, passionate,calming and superb.
A big THANKS to the artists for making this possible .

Red to Violet, by Sydney Sparrow
oil on linen on panel

Nasturtiums, Presidential Range, By James Aponovich
oil on linen
Kudos to all the artist, that I am pleased to call friends as well, in putting this exhibition together! The exhibition has been so well received! The Sharon Art Center Gallery has enjoyed record turnouts each day for this show.

Gary Haven Smith sculptures and wall pieces.
Strata, granite & steel and Coming and Going, glacial granite (sculptures)

Susan Pratt Smith, Wellspring, fused ditchroic glass

Low Tide, Cape Ann, Jamie LaFleur
Oil on canvas

By the Time it Gets Dark, by Sean Beavers
oil on linen on panel

Peanut Row Farm , Bob Larsen

Jon Brooks
Citron Alter (table) and Dancing with Yellow Chair, (chair)

Gallery installation
Included in photo:
Table and chair (in corner): Jon Brooks, Paintings:James Aponovich,
Hall Table: David Lamb, Etchings: Peter Milton, pottery (on table): Gerry Williams

Peter Milton Print

Embarkment for Cythera, Peter Miton, etching

Lambovich II
A collaboration by David Lamb (furniture) and James Aponovich (painting)

Gallery Installation
Works shown by:
Sculpture, Morning After Fire,jon Brooks, "Lambovich" secretary, Peter Milton etchings,
Jon Brooks , chair, and Sean Beavers oil on canvas.

Two dynamic pots by Gerry Williams

Gerry Williams pottery (foreground) with works by Elaine Swenson on the wall.

Birdsong #2, by Elaine Swenson
Pencil,acrylic,paper and canvas

Two works on paper by David Carroll
Veritatisil and Lux Stella

The work of 3 NH Artists Laureate
David Lamb , Hall Table ( is the current Artist Laureate), Gerry Williams , pottery, and James Aponovich, painting.
James Bolle, composer and conductor is also part of this illustrious group of NH. Artists Laureate, and was spotted at the Opening of this exhibition.

A look inside the gallery.
Works include: Sculptures by Gary Haven Smith, Pottery bu Gerry Williams, Arm Chair by David Lamb

The Artists
Sydney Sparrow, Sean Beavers, Elaine Swenson, Elizabeth Johansson, David Lamb, David Carroll, James Aponovich, Jon Brooks, Bob Larsen and Gerry Williams ( all in photo)
Gary Haven Smith, Susan Pratt Smith, Peter Milton and Jamie LaFleur (not shown).

Our thanks and gratitude to all the artists participating in the show. We are honored to have the opportunity to exhibit with them in this Artist's Circle.
These photos will be a record to mark this event.

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