Thursday, August 26, 2010


Lavender lines the front walk along with peonies. In late May and early June the peonies greet guests on their way to our front door. Peonies are cut and brought in for color and fragrance as well as to be immortalized on canvas! Their large blossoms that we love so much fade and after several days petals begin to drop until finally the vase is empty once again.
Just as the peonies are waning a blue mist of lavender flowers appear at the edge of the walk.
The fragrance is enchanting in the warm afternoon sun. It is impossible for me to walk past without reaching down to run my hand across the plant.
Just before the flowers peak I cut enough to fill several trays to dry. In August, the dried stems of lavender flowers are tied into neat bundles to fill jars, vases, pillows and closet shelves.
It is a nice way to have a reminder of the summer garden throughout the year.

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Hillary said...

just found your beautiful blog courtesy of Howard. What a joy. I so look forward to your posts!!! I also do a blog, although not as exquisite for the eye! it is a food blog'd be happy if you contributed a recipe and story when you are in the mood! just email me!!!!!!!