Wednesday, September 28, 2011

and this just in from the garden.........

A trip to the vegetable garden this morning was made to gather nasturtiums for a painting that James is working on. More than nasturtiums made it back to the house.
Plum tomatoes, bell peppers were only part of the mornings harvest.
And the nasturtiums were not forgotten in the bustle of the harvesting.

Beautiful eggplant at last!
These vegetables all bring Italy to mind.
I see cooking in our future.

These past several days of summer weather have been beneficial for the vegetable garden.
Winter squash, carrots, swiss chard, plum tomatoes, so many wonderful ingredients to work with at this time of year. The garden also provides us with flavorful and fragrant herbs for our kitchen.

What is better than fresh figs in the garden?
Figs are my favorite fruit, at least at the moment.
Now that this bounty is in our kitchen, what shall we do with all these wonderful fruits and vegetables?
The activity in the kitchen has just begun......more on the figs and plum tomatoes coming soon!

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