Friday, September 30, 2011


Here is a behind the scenes look at the filming of a television segment at our home/ studios for WCVB Channel 5, Boston for Chronicle.
Ted Reinstein, reporter for Chronicle, is interviewing James on his year long project
52 paintings in 52 weeks.
This is what we refer to as a painting marathon.

A break in the questioning!

James at his easel talking about the Aponovich 52 project, also demonstrating that there is work beyond the project that continues in the studio.
The paintings in this project can be seen in a weekly blog for all interested in following along.
There you will find still lifes, a portrait and a few landscapes of places James has visited in the past 26 weeks.
So,now 26 paintings down, 26 paintings left to go.

Our thanks to Ted Reinstein and Chronicle Crew for taking interest in this project. In the art business this undertaking in known as working in a "time-based arena". I like the sound of that, it keeps me working. At the conclusion of the 52 weeks ( and after a few weeks of rest) these paintings, along with sketches and related works
will be on exhibit at Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA, June 2012.


The segment airs on Chronicle / WCVB TV/Thursday, September 29 at 7:30
Chronicle Website; CHRONICLE HD

Lincoln Station, Lincoln, MA
781- 259-8303

The Blog:


margerydi said...

i love this BLOG....
you didn't tell me that you were in Umbria...I spent my junior year in college in Perugia...
i feel like i walked back in..with your wonderful photos and writings
this is a wonder


Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!
I love Umbria as well, the people, art, food,wine... all in a place of beauty.