Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It is a leap year, adding one extra day to February. Over the past few weeks James and I have found ourselves visiting greenhouses, flower shops and antique shops. I think that this is a trend we follow this time of year, waiting for gardening season outdoors to begin,while bringing something of that into our home, or at least dreaming about it.

"Gardening gives one back a sense of proportion
about everything - except itself."

May Sarton
Plant Dreaming Deep, 1968

Scale and portion thrown aside here! It would take a home and garden of grand scale to be fitting for this graceful statue of Artemis and the flanking garden urns. How about for a Tuscan villa or in the courtyard of a Roman palazzo.
(Still , the urns might work somewhere in our garden.)

Artemis is known as the goddess of the moon and of the hunt,as well as being the twin sister of Apollo. She is a little too much of a statement for our garden, but the classic waves of her hair and draped sleeves of her garment called for a closer look and demanded a photo.
We all can dream, can't we.

This little figure holding a garland was of a less monumental scale but ever so sweet. We already have a garden figure, the fountain statue that we refer to as 'Squirt'. I think she would be rather jealous if we added this one to our garden.

Out of the garden for moment and into the house and studio........

Each time I come to this shop I am attracted by the arrangement of hotel silver in this cabinet. It is a monochromatic still life with shapes created by spouts, lids and handles. These objects seen individually are one thing, but grouped they mingle becoming an architectural like landscape. I will take my sketchbook in and draw this....soon before they are gone.

Here color is key with the white of the orchid set against the deep green foliage mixed with the orange of the terracotta all highlighted by dramatic light.
There was a time not too long ago when orchids were not on my favorite plant list. But I have grown to like them and now have a few in the sun room. I think my attitude about them changed once I had one rebloom. Success!

.....back to the garden.....

In an antique shop, on a table surrounded by much grander objects was this very clever planting box. At first I thought it to be a small mock up for a full scale garden structure, but it was probably just made for what it is, a trellis like planter. Who knows? I do like this design and can imagine it as an entrance to our planned herb garden .

Indoor gardening.... Just what is called for in late winter, a pleasing arrangement of objects and plants.

Designing our gardens or our interior living spaces we consider many things including proportion, scale, form, color, pattern, perspective.
It is the same in drawing and painting. It is about finding and creating beauty for ourselves and for others to contemplate and perhaps enjoy.

Bowerbird, Depot Square,Peterborough, NH
Bob Withington Antiques, Route 1, York, ME
Coles Nursery, Concord, NH
Jardiniere, Deer Street,Portsmouth NH

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