Sunday, March 11, 2012


We are in New York for The Armory Show. Jumping out of a cab we make our way into Pier 92 where there is badge waiting for James. This "Artist Badge" gets him and a guest, me, into the preview of this year's Armory Show at Piers 92 & 94.

James Aponovich's, Siena, Still Life with Agapanthus, can be seen
at the Hirschl and Adler Modern booth.For James, this is his first time to have work included in The Armory Show. It is definitely on the "A" List of artists, art dealers and serious collectors.
The Armory Show is world art on a New York stage. Due to the huge number of galleries represented this show is at two piers, Pier 92 & Pier 94, the Cunard Ocean Liner Piers.
These are enormous spaces.

The marble sculpture is by Elizabeth Turk who's work is here at the Amory Show and currently has a solo show at Hirschl & Adler Modern. She was a recent recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Award.
She is carving marble to the thinness of a ruler.....incredible!

A neon question, What does this mean?,is being asked by artist Joseph Kosuth.
Words are big in the art world.

Before our feet give out and our heads are too full, we exit Pier 92 "Modern" for a now, and head to Pier 94 for a look at what is out there for "Contemporary Art".

Pier 94 is labeled Contemporary and at the hub of this gigantic exhibition space is a champagne bar with the pink neon sign Scandinavian Pain, hung overhead. We heard later that this piece of artwork was by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson had been just purchased by a collector at the show. By the way, there is a Nordic theme to this years show.

You might notice that the fashion statement centers on black, punctuated by orange.
Great shoes everywhere.
James kept looking down at his Sperry Docksiders......time to go shoe shopping!!!!!

Video and Digital images had a significant presence in the gallery booths, the content and scale of these pieces works were of interest.
Anything goes.

Marina Abramovic's, Bed For Human Use,
a performance piece that was somewhat eerie due to the fact that this is a live performer.It takes sometime to realize that this person is breathing. Pure stillness in this hall of activity.

A good example of the anything goes principle.
The galleries here have come not just from NY, or California, but how about, Seoul,Beijing,
London, San Paulo, Barcelona, Lisbon, Bologna, etc, etc......
Very global .

After several hours we exit, our heads filled with art.
Sore feet.
Time for night life in New York.

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