Thursday, June 21, 2012

From the Garden to Canvas: A selection of paintings from Aponovich 52 featuring flowers from the garden

Sebasco Nasturtiums

The epic painting project that James undertook , Aponovich 52, is complete and is now hanging on the walls of Clark Gallery.
For an artist, to see a body of work come together in an exhibition can be thrilling after years of solitude in the studio. I found viewing this exhibit particularly interesting in an unusual way due to the premise of the project, the creation of one painting a week for a year. For James and for me the show becomes a diary of sorts, often using familiar objects and places as the subject matter. A painting can spark the memory of a particular day or even moment that occurred during the project year. The word mnemonic comes to mind to express what it is for us to view this exhibit as a whole.

Here is a selection of works from the "Aponovich 52" that use our garden as subject. Gardens are often collections of memories unto themselves by recalling a person or place that might be of significance to a certain plant. A painting of that flower goes a step beyond and involves not only that memory but the time and place it was painted.

So here are a few of the those paintings...............

Parrot Tulips Tuscany

Roadside Pansies

Seaside Roses

Tulips in a Bronze Vase

Last Daylily of Summer

Peonies in a Bowl

Seaside Nasturtiums

James in the gallery with the paintings on the wall......a "diary" of a year... in paintings.

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All paintings copyright 2012 James Aponovich

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Susan said...

I found your blog via An Urban Cottage-it's lovely! I really like the painting a week gauntlet-wow. Lots of discipline as well as being in the zone, I bet.

I agree that flowers/garden can evoke memories and people and pinpoints of time. Art does the same thing as well, I believe.

Thanks for sharing your stories here-