Monday, June 11, 2012

A YEAR OF PAINTING.....APONOVICH 52.....Time for the show!

This was quite a year for us. It was back in March 2011 that the idea for the Aponovich 52
was hatched from a small painting of 2 pears that James had painted in day. I put a challenge out to him on this and the idea of a painting a week for one year began. There is more to the story, but that's the bumper sticker version. The 'gallery' for this became a blog.
We already had this blog ,so a second blog, Aponovich 52 ,was created for the purpose of chronicling this painting marathon.

"With APONOVICH 52, James has entered a new terrain for painters of his genre. With his strict conceptual time-based premise of completing one painting each week during the past year, his painting methodology became part performance, part ritual and part obsession. In directing all his thoughts and efforts to completing a painting each week, Aponovich 52 is a work of profound contemplation on art and the act of painting: transcendent, inspirational and visionary."

Dana Salvo, Clark Gallery

Aponovich 52 now goes from blog to Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA, where the paintings will be on exhibit.

Before we could return to Italy, James had to complete Aponovich 52 in his New Hampshire studio.
By the end of March 2012, the calendar flipped through a year and 52 paintings were complete.
With that accomplishment we were able to take some time and go to Italy, where we spend a good deal of time drawing. There is reference to this in a few of the '52' paintings.

Most of the year was spent the easel, at least during daylight hours, since the paintings are done in natural light.
I can tell you,there were a few times when he considered ending this painting marathon, but as we know now, he continued on.

A television crew came to the studio a few months into the project. Ted Reinstein of WCVB's Chronicle (Boston) spoke with James about this epic journey as well as the pitfalls of the phenomenon know as "white canvas panic"!

With the last of the paintings delivered to Clark gallery,the installation process is underway.
By Saturday all the the boxes and packing material will be gone and each painting will have a place on the wall.
A project....a marathon completed.
Good work James!
"in bocca di lupo"


A Painting Marathon
52 Weeks / 52 Paintings

June 12 - July 28, 2012

Reception Saturday, June 16 from 4-6pm

Clark Gallery
145 Lincoln, Rd., Lincoln, MA

Please join us to celebrate the completion of the 52 paintings/52 weeks!

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