Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Evolution of a Painting : in more pictures than words

As I was preparing to write this post it occurred to me that it would be good to have James contribute or write this post about how a painting comes to life.
After some discussion we came to the conclusion that I would post images and write briefly about them here and that James would return to blog Aponovich52 and tell the more complete story of the Evolution of a Painting.

The concept sketch is the seeing, thinking and drawing all coming together on paper.

 The Underpainting
was created by James in one sitting, a very long day! It was vital for him to capture the energy of the moment. The warmth of the Burnt Sienna offers a balance to all the greens and cool colors that James used to paint the landscape and Agapanthus.
The Burnt Sienna will dry quickly allowing him to paint over it in a day or so. Time is of the essence!

Adding color
 James began with painting the flowers ( he complained a lot about them) since there is no telling how long the blooms will last. As he paints the blue of the flowers, he begins to paint the distant fogged in landscape of the island in order for him to balance value and color while creating the atmosphere he is seeking.

He begins to see the entire painting.

Almost there.
The painting is coming together. James lightens, darkens to push the distant landscape back and pull the terra cotta pot with agapanthus and the ivy covered wall  forward.                

 Agapanthus, Appledore
oil on canvas, 40" x 50", 2013
James Aponovich


To read about the Evolution of a Painting in James' words click on Aponovich52.

The painting is complete and will be included in James's upcoming exhibition at
Hirschl and Adler Modern
730 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY

all images copyright James Aponovich 2013
and cannot be printed or used in any manner without permission of the artist, James Aponovich

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