Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brightly Colored Fall Harvest

Our local farm stand, Rosaly's, created a colorful still life with their harvest of pumpkins, squash and gourds.

James and I were coming off a few days in Manhattan so this very seasonal practice of selecting a pumpkin ( or two, or three) for the porch along with a number of squash for the pantry was just the right thing to do.

The first big frost hit  two nights ago so it is bye- bye to all the annuals, basil and cherry tomatoes until next year.  It was already dusk when we heard a report of the pending frost we moved quickly and  the pots of rosemary and figs made it indoors. With the days  shorter and colder 
the thought of a warm fire in the fireplace offers us a remedy to the cold and dark.
The brightly colored pumpkins on he front steps are a joyous greeting for us and guests alike.

I find comfort in having a variety of winter squash around the kitchen.
  I feel like there is always something to eat.  "Not to worry" I think, "we can cut a squash in half and roast it, or make a pasta with squash, sage and butter, or a soup, or just puree it. Plus winter squash are just so attractive.
While James loaded pumpkins into the car I  filled a basket with squash. The red Kabocha squash into the basket first, then Delicata, four of those, the Sweet Dumplings are perfect for roasting so a few of them are added to the mix. The ever heavier basket still had room for a Buttercup and Butternut....I always get those two names confused, so I just buy both. Enough, no, a Turban squash, just so pretty it cannot be left behind. I am happy. 

Well, anyways, enjoy the harvest  stock up and don't forget all the root vegetables besides.

Happy Halloween !!!

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