Saturday, December 21, 2013

NYC :Dinner at Teodora and shopping at Eataly

James' show at Hirschl and Adler is over now, but yesterday I was thinking about our October trip to New York City for the opening after an email from  friends that living in the city.

After a successful opening at Hirschl and Adler Modern, we joined friends for a dinner at Teodora .
James was eager for a cold Martini, he had really earned it after all.  He spent months, no years, of work at the easel putting together  work for , what I view as a wonderful exhibit....... he deserved that cocktail. When one is not enough and two is too many, well, not tonight. Our dinner was with our dear friends Judith and Robert, who had eaten here many times. Chicken livers, pasta, artichokes,  amongst other savories,were served along with Chianti and lovely bread.

James and I came to know of Teodora when we were in Rome. We were staying in the rental apartment of Elizabeth and Domenico Minchilli in Rome's Monti neighborhood. Having our morning cappuccino at Er Barretto at the recommendation of Elizabeth Minchilli .......who should walk in and join us but Elizabeth. Standing at the bar we admired the artistic cappuccino, but the better part was how divine the flavor was. After conversation, indulging on cornetti and brushing cornetto crumbs from my scarf we were prepared to begin the day on the boost of caffeine.  Elizabeth  put on a pair of sunglasses as talked continued on food  and "all the good stuff" she knows and writes about Rome. I had been looking for sunglasses  and tried on many pair, most of which were far better suited  for the glamour of Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida. I am more minimalist.....jeweled glasses, not so much my style. Elizabeth's sunglasses were simple and perfect. I had to know where she found them and the good news it was in Rome and not too far of a walk. Of course, James and I headed there directly. The store, Mondelliani is a family store where they create their own designs and glasses. I saw no other shop like this in Rome. The glasses are fabulous. I bought a pair of red sunglasses  and James bought blue-violet frames. Well, here is the connection.....sorry it took so long to get here, but the woman who owns the shop, we found in talking while fitting glasses, has a daughter in NYC that owns a restaurant. That restaurant is, you guessed it, Teodora on 57th St.

OK, lets get back to New York.

After dinner we walked back to our hotel  for a good nights sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


The next morning, after coffee, we grabbed a cab and headed south to Madison Square Park.  A quick look at the Flat Iron Building then to our destination, Eataly.

Temptation abounds here!
Cured meats.....what can't you find?

The map  of Italy tells you something about this place and everything that surrounds you lets you know the story here is food, good food.
It is overwhelming at times but it is hard not to grab a shopping basket and begin to fill it.

Looking for fresh or filled pasta?
Even if you don't think you are , buy some or you will regret it later !

 Fresh white truffles, we never see these at our local NH. grocer.
Yes, we did buy one, as well as some pasta  which came home with us for a feast!

The cheese counter is "eye candy" and allures us with the aroma and selection.
It is a tour of Italy in a case with nifty labels. we came home with a pecorino riserva and taleggio.

Take a look at this grana padano , looking like a huge melon .
What a gift that would make!!!

The vegetable and fruits here are perfectly precious and all  are still life ready!
A fine selection of wines from all over Italy are sold here as well.
Beyond the treasures I have shown you already, you can also find, chocolate, fresh meat, fresh seafood,
kitchen tools, cookbooks, dried beans and lentils, coffee, anchovies, etc etc., all here in one large, and did I mention crowded place.

If you like food , wine and / or Italy and don't mind crowds too much, you are going to love this place!
take time for a cappuccino before you start shopping, you'll need it, and end your experience with a glass of prosecco before going back out into New York City.

By the way, I love my red sunglasses!
and the pasta with white truffles was delish!

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