Sunday, March 30, 2014

Check List......Complete!

 There is a list on my desk that James and I have been working on all week in preparation for a trip to Italy. It's been too long since we have been , all with our move of a year ago, james preparing for the show he had last October at Hirschl and Adler, NYC, and on top of that I just put up a show at Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA. 
So now, we are preparing to go to Italy, but first there are many things to do.

~ Delivery last painting to framer........Check
~ Make sure House-sitter knows where everything is..........check
~ Make list for house-sitter of important numbers and give key..........check
~Talk with Kiki, the gardener,..................check
~ leave out towels & sheets, etc guestroom..............check ( almost forgot!)
~pay bills.......check
~ meet w/ our friend and builder John about a small project ..........check
~go to P.O. to hold mail............check
~ find some matching pairs of socks...................check

the list is longer but we have managed to check off everything!
So now we dream of Italy, and it is just a matter of time before we are standing in this piazza!

Piazza Umberto Primo, Panicale

Ci vediamo a presto!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take A Chance On A Painting....while helping The Currier Museum and Art Education!

Still Life with Parrot Tulips, Saco River Valley
James Aponovich
oil on canvas,  30" x 21", 2014

"Earlier this year the Director of The Currier Museum requested that I create a painting full of life ( not still at all!) for their Heart of the Arts gala. The painting was to include, not only Parrot Tulips but a view of The White Mountains of New Hampshire.
The painting is to be raffled and the proceeds are to fund arts education at the museum.
I have had two retrospectives ( 1984 and 2006) at The Currier Museum, and I am always happy to help support them."
                                                         James Aponovich

The raffle is a 1-in- 100 chance to win this original oil painting by James, valued at more than $30,000.
This painting was created by Aponovich in honor of The Currier Museum for their Grand Raffle.

To enter this raffle, you will need to purchase the limited edition giclee' print of the painting.
The giclee is 20" x14" and numbered from 1 to 100. 
The giclee is $300 and is signed by James Aponovich.

Money raised by the raffle will support youth programming at The Currier as well as programs at The Museum Art Center.

The winner's name will be drawn on Friday, April 11th at the Heart of the Arts event.

To purchase the giclee'  and be entered into the raffle contact 
The Currier Museum  (603) 669-6144, ext. 128 or ext. 121
call Jennifer at The Currier Museum,  (603) 518-4920.

The Currier Museum
Myrtle Way
Manchester, NH

Heart of the Arts


Friday, March 14, 2014


 After a long stretch of studio time immersed in work I am free  to do other things, like post a blog.
Yes, the topic is my show at Clark Gallery, mostly in pictures, after all, that's what it is all about. So here is a selection of  paintings and drawings from the show.

White Ribbons
Elizabeth Johansson
oil on panel

My first thought was to have the  spools with white ribbons  against a red ground, but as the painting evolved the simplicity of the composition with a white ground was really what I was seeking, or the painting was seeking.

Rainier Cherries
E. Johansson
oil on panel

Sweet Cherries
E. Johansson
oil on panel

I loved the stems when I saw the cherries at the farm stand.

Tea  Kettle
E. Johansson
pencil on paper

I find drawing to be meditative, a quiet and thoughtful state of being.

Chili Peppers
charcoal on paper

Ribbons and Marbles
pastel on paper

Obviously these spools of ribbons have been a subject that I work with often. It is the architectural  shape of the spools along with the colors and textures of the ribbons that I find so alluring.

oil on canvas

I used a drawing that I did in Rome as a source for the view outside the window. Look closely and you will see that the view of Rome and it's great pines reflected in a mirror.

oil on canvas

As I mentioned, this is only a selection of the work in the show at Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA.
The gallery website has a more .

Oh, one last image....... a painting that I photographed before it was complete, just so the people hanging the show would have an idea of what it looked like.

I did finish it late in the day prior to the opening.  Here is the photo of it in progress. I was in such a rush I forgot to take another when it was completed!!

oil on canvas

Enough of the cold white and gray of winter, I needed to use a lot of color on this canvas.

The show is up until March 29th, 2014
See it if you can.