Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Is Here, Bring on the Cherries!

Sweet Cherries in Wooden Box
Elizabeth Johansson Aponovich
oil on panel

Summer brings on an array of fruits, but cherries always become not only something to eat or cook with, they also end up as subject matter for paintings.
The color, the shine of the fresh cherries and the stems are eye catching and they continually  grab my attention.

Plate of Rainier Cherries
Elizabeth Johansson Aponovich
Oil on panel

One of the most challenging things about painting fruit  is the urge to overcome eating least on the first day, when the plate is set out and the fruit is perfect. After a day or two it gets less appealing, as the struggle to get the still life on to the canvas is foremost on my mind.

I feel fortunate to have such delicious fruits and vegetables to bring to the table and to my studio.
Cherry sauce for ice cream anyone?

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