Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adding Some Color To the Garden

The outdoor benches and chairs were looking bleak, and only wasps were attracted to them.
There must be something about the old grey weathered wood that wasps like.

I like bees  hanging around the garden, but the sting of a wasp and I 
end up in the Emergency Room.

In Italy painted furniture on a terrace or in a garden always looks so welcoming that James and I thought it would add color as well as give us back our benches and chairs!

Blue was our choice for the pair of chairs in walled garden, which is largely perennials.

  A tint of cobalt green was selected for the benches in what we call the courtyard garden.
The plan for this garden is still on the drawing board. but the benches call out as a welcoming place to sit and enjoy the garden as well as to think about it's future.

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