Friday, September 11, 2015


"What! You have never stopped at that place!" Stew says in disbelief. Stew is at the wheel as we  drive past this "must see place" when suddenly he sees a place on this winding Tuscan road to pull off and make a U-turn. We go back.

The place we return to in tow with Stew leading the pack is called
James and I have driven by on our way to Pienza too many times to count. We were curious, yet never stopped.


This place is a find! The showroom is filled floor to ceiling with objects hand crafted in wright iron.
James and I both wanted to take this floor lamp home with us, or maybe we could just buy a house in Umbria for it!

This is the plainer cousin to the more dressed up lamp we fell for. It has a graceful twist to the floor with embellished feet. We both like this one as well.
Here you can find candelabras, andirons ( with and without dragons), scones, chandeliers, furniture for indoors and out, beds, mirrors...........there is so much to look at as we are shown around by Alfredo.


Then we are all invited into the forge, the workshop, or Ferro Battuto Biagiotti, as they call it.

 Stew, who has been here many times tells us that Biagiotti is a family owned and run business that was started by Alfredo's grandfather in the early 20th Century. There is  Mario, the father of three sons; Alfredo and his twin brother Alberto, and brother, Samuel.

This was a rare treat to  be invited behind the scenes to watch as pieces of iron are transformed by means of heat, anvil and hammer.

Alfredo tells us that they design lamps, candelabras and such to specification and can create just about anything here, at least anything made of iron.
James liked the dragon andirons! Maybe someday!!!

 Before we departed, Giovanni  ( a nephew of Mario) took a short break so I could snap a quick photo of him.


Before we left we returned to the showroom to take another look at a chandelier that James and I both thought was perfect for our rather dimly lit foyer.
The price was right, and yes, they could ship and more importantly they were happy to wire it to U.S. electrical standards.

(now, hanging in our foyer)

We also liked these sconces. We figured  that we would get these another time. Alfredo informed us that....if we were to buy them with the other that the shipping charge would be the same as for just the chandelier.  Great salesman!
We bought them and now they are all installed in our home.
A lovely reminder of that day with the screeching brakes  and another unique stop in Tuscany.

( in our living room)

We finally do depart after our purchases are made, shipping information is written down and Stew chats with Alfredo  for awhile and departs with a customary Italian hug.
Now, back on the winding Tuscan road as we head back to Panicale. I think we need to stop at Aldo's for a procecco!

Tuscany in spring.

via 1 maggio, n
Pienza, (Tuscany) Italy

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