Sunday, December 6, 2015


There is a hush to Sunday mornings in December. A light frost covers the ground making the world shimmer as the sun rises.

The Nubanusit River flows along our pathway, but here it is silent, not a ripple, it only reflects the trees along it's banks.

Oaks and Beeches hold their leaves late into the season and as the winter world gradually grows grey their leaves continue to provide visual warmth.

James and I love this field. It changes season to season, growing hay in the summer with bales being rolled as the summer wanes.

Yesterday a partridge strutted out right in front of me, and  last week James watched deer grazing out in the field.. It must be that they like this spot as well!

 We hear a Cardinal. They are regulars in this haven. In warmer months a Great Blue Heron hangs out here, fishing I suppose. It is startling to watch it fly, as it seems almost dinosaur like!

On our walk is a park, one of many  public gardens in Peterborough, designed by our gardening
 friend, and expert gardener, Michael Gordon . Of all the gardens he has designed in town, this garden has a primitive feel in it's use of rocks and free form plantings ....'Stonehenge' inspired! Birds and butterflies feed and flutter amongst the flowers when they are bloom.

As with all good Sunday walks......there is a time for coffee whether here or in Panicale( Italy). That time has arrived!

Maybe a little dolci too!  The muffins here are delicious !  And the coffee too.
Must have a reward after a walk.

A crystal clear morning here in Peterborough and I am happy that James and I enjoyed a walk together on this Sunday in December.

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