Thursday, January 26, 2017


The Heartfelts live in the loving community of Heartdale Falls.

But every now and then, no matter how nice a place is

needs to 
get away.

The holidays are over, guests are gone and The Hearfelts  fall back into the old routine.
Hello-Hoodie Girl noticed Red Polka Dot Girl crying, so she brings 
Daddy B.B. into the kitchen to see for himself.
Lil' Candydrop Girl is screaming, Bonz is barking, and pots are out of control on the stove.

Maybe it's time
for a break.

Next day Daddy B.B. shows up with a post holiday gift of a trip to anywhere for two!

But where?

After looking at brochures and the globe plus a whole lot of thinking...
they decide on the land of romance...


But what about the kids and the dog?

Hello-Hoodie Girl and Pink Polka Dot Girl are cousins and they offer to babysit
Lil' Candydrop Girl and Hootie The Sports Guy and even Bonz the dog!
It will be fun to hang out together!

Have a great trip!

The trip begins at Heartdale Falls International Airport. Next stop...

But problems often pop up when
you least expect.

To be continued............

Copyright 2017
B. Buntline

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