Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Episode 2

A   B. Buntline Production

The Heartfelts  live in the loving community of Heartdale Falls

But every now and then, no matter how nice a place is
needs to 
get away.

In our last episode, our intrepid travelers had just left their home of Heartdale Falls, bound for Italy.
Everything is going smoothly until......

The flight lands safely in Italy.
But OH NO!
At Customs, the Italian officials find something suspicious in their baggage.
 It's their nephew, Yello-Hoodie Boy! A stowaway!
The police are  very mad and they handcuff Yello-Hoodie Boy! What now?

After paying a huge fine they finally got Yello-Hoodie Boy released and they are met at the airport by their good friends, Betty Heartland and Paul The Wine Guy.

Paul The Wine Guy and Betty Heartland are bringing everyone to their casa in the charming hill town of Panicale. The town overlooks  Lake Trasimeno and is in The Green Heart of Italy, Umbria.
They ride past olive groves, vineyards and sheep grazing. 
They are a long way from Heartdale Falls!

The first thing they do is go to Piazza Umberto to toast their arrival. There is no better place than Bar Gallo where Aldo passes prosecco  out and even joins in welcoming the new visitors. Daniela feels bad for Yello-Hoodie Boy and brings him a gelato! Even 'Osso' the dog is there to join in.

After a short nap, it's now time for some
sightseeing and shopping!

to be continued............

Copyright 2017
B. Buntline

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